Top Signs of AC Failure

Top Signs of AC Failure

Top Signs of AC FailureWhile summer may be long gone, there's no shortage of sunshine in Southern California. The region's warm climate makes it necessary to ensure your home or office AC system is running well all year long. If you encounter any of the following signs of air conditioning trouble, be sure to contact an air conditioning repair expert right away. As with most things in life, the longer you wait to address an issue, the worse it will get.

Odd Noises

Squeaking, grinding or banging noises that come from your AC unit are all indications that repair is necessary. To determine if it's a slipped belt, a cracked fan blade or something else, an HVAC technician will need to take a closer look. In many circumstances a quick repair will have your system back up and running, but other times AC replacement may be necessary, especially if it is an older unit.

Low/No Airflow

A lack of airflow is a sure sign of trouble. Even worse is warm air coming from the vents when you're craving cooling. If you're not getting any air, but you can hear the AC unit running, it may be due to clogged vents. However, warm air or low air flow, could indicate that the compressor is failing.


Having foul odors pumped into your home via your AC unit will send you running to shut it off. Depending on what you smell a few different problems could be present. A dirty laundry smell could indicate mold growth, while a burning smell could be a sign of burnt wire insulation.


If you notice moisture next to your AC unit, a few different problems could be present. This is commonly a sign of a refrigerant leak, but it may also be that a condensate line is broken or blocked. Contact an AC expert as soon as possible, because no matter the problem, it needs to be fixed to restore your indoor comfort.

Increased Energy Costs

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills? If your AC system is running longer and harder to give you the same amount of cooling that it used to, then it may be time for a new unit. New air conditioners are designed to be energy efficient, saving you big money month after month, without sacrificing cooling abilities.

If you encounter any signs of AC trouble, be sure to contact Blue Ice Air Conditioning and Heating. Our team of HVAC experts provide professional air conditioning repair in Costa Mesa and the surrounding California communities. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for the cost of AC repair in Costa Mesa or the neighboring towns please call us at (714) 868-7766.

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Posted: October 17, 2020

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