How to Tell When Your Ductwork Should Be Repaired or Replaced

How to Tell When Your Ductwork Should Be Repaired or Replaced

It's very important that your home's ductwork remains in great shape. With faulty ductwork, your HVAC system could struggle to heat/cool your home, causing it to use up more power in the process, which could lead to an increase in your house bills. At Blue Ice Air Conditioning & Heating, our experienced technicians can expertly address any of your ductwork problems. Whether you need repair, installation, or cleaning, we'll flawlessly complete the job.

Reasons that Ductwork Needs to Be Repaired/Replaced

A variety of issues suggest that your ductwork should be repaired or replaced. One of the most obvious signs is that your ductwork has incurred visible damage. Plastic ductwork is especially susceptible to getting twisted and torn, which can cause significant issues when your HVAC system tries to heat/cool your home. When you notice ductwork damage, it's best to have a professional inspection completed. Our technicians can quickly gauge the extent of ductwork damage and then formulate a plant to get the repairs/replacement done ASAP. In some cases, ductwork was improperly installed by someone who didn't exactly know what they were doing. Uneven heating/cooling is one sign that undersized ducts were installed in your home. Undersized ductwork can also lead to whistling sounds and generally loud airflow.

If it seems that your ducts are leaking air, then an inspection should definitely be conducted. You may have a leaking duct if your AC is on and one room stays warm while others are properly cooling down to your desired temperature. A sudden increase in your energy bill could also be an indication of an air leak. Old age is one reason that leaks will develop. After ductwork is 10 to 15 years old, it often starts having problems that necessitate replacement.

Ductwork in Costa Mesa, CA

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Posted: July 31, 2021

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