Ways to Lower Your AC Bill

Ways to Lower Your AC Bill

As we head toward the dog days of summer, you'll be relying increasingly on your AC system to keep your family nice and cool. To stay comfortable without exhausting your bank account, there are certain measures you can take. At Blue Ice Air Conditioning and Heating, our local HVAC company can conduct maintenance that ensures your AC system is working with optimal efficiency. When your AC system is running like it should, it'll require less energy to provide cooled air, which can in turn keep your house bills lower.

How to Reduce Your AC Bill

If you don't have a programmable thermostat, it'll be worth installing one. This will allow you to easily establish a heating and cooling schedule that follows along with your family's day-to-day routine. While there will be some moderate installation costs, your programmable thermostat can save you money over the long haul by preventing you from cooling your home except as necessary.

If it's in the budget, you'll want to replace old, drafty windows. By installing new, energy-efficient windows, you can ensure that cooled air stays inside and hot air stays outside. If you're not in a position to add new windows, you could still benefit from weatherstripping your current windows. Also, you might look into planting shade trees and shrubs in front of windows that take in a lot of sunlight. You can also decrease solar heat gain by using blackout curtains over your windows when the room isn't in use and you don't need the natural light.

Another way to keep your AC bill to a minimum is by getting HVAC maintenance as necessary. There are certain maintenance tasks that homeowners can do themselves, such as changing out filters, which generally needs to be done every few months. But when you need more in-depth maintenance to be done, it's better to call in an HVAC technician who can get your AC operating at peak efficiency.

AC Service in Costa Mesa

When you need AC maintenance or repair, contact Blue Ice Air Conditioning and Heating at (714) 868-7766. Our nearby HVAC company can address any of your residential or commercial AC needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: June 30, 2021

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